episkevi ps4 vr

Does your PS4 VR not start or has problems with the image?

Propably your VR hdmi cable has a loose connection and must re wired again using our hdmi breakout terminal adapter,

The weak point is in the first termiinal as you can seee from the picture below

επισκευη ps4 vr
ps4 vr service

Here it is the PS4 VR1 hdmi cable pinout diagram to help you rewired the ps4 vr hdmi cable.

fix ps4 vr service hdmi cable pinout
ps4 vr hdmi pinout

please check your original ps4 vr hdmi cable in case some wires are different colors than mine

you can buy also a hdmi extention cable in case your ps4 vr hdmi cable after repair become shorter in length

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